Every child's personal reading coach.

Eyeread is reimagining how children learn to read by bringing together world-leading research based on thirty years of reading and gaming expertise to deliver the first artificially intelligent reading coach. Imagine having access to a highly qualified, and fun personal reading coach for your child—on call, ready to tutor anytime, anywhere. Eyeread’s artificially intelligent reading coach is a sophisticated, next generation system that adapts learning games to assess skill and meets the needs of individual students by matching the assessment with the right learning content.


Game Assessment

Eyeread is all about making reading fun. Our application includes fun games like the 'Alligator Calibrator Game' that make reading more engaging for kids.

Personalized Learning

Eyeread provides parents and teachers with a comprehensive record of difficult words encountered and comprehension questions answered, as well as a voice recording and eye movement overview.

Progress Reports

Eyeread is built with fun customizable tools to support reading skills such as fluency, comprehension, reading speed and phonological awareness.

The Global Learning XPrize envisions a future with unprecedented, individually-tailored opportunities for lifelong learning, literacy, autonomy, and career readiness, as well as widespread tools for uplifting entire populations from the vicious cycle of poverty.

The Global Learning XPrize challenges teams from around the world to develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 18 months. Once the 18-month field-testing phase concludes, the prize purse will be objectively awarded to the team that generates the best international standardized test scores within the group of participating children. Our goal is an empowered generation that will positively impact their communities, countries and the world.
We aim to empower a universally educated population, with equal access to information and knowledge regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, or socio-economic status.

Eyeread News

Teachers need parents to support learning in the classroom

This summer Eyeread is working with seven outstanding teachers and literacy experts from all over the US and Canada in an effort to make Eyeread the best it can be for the fall pilot. We have spent a lot of time over the past two weeks talking to applicants about their experiences in the classroom, their strategies and tools they use to teach kids how to read.

When Bill Gates speaks...

In Education like in life, success breeds success

It’s no surprise that if you are surrounded by others doing great things and striving to reach outstanding goals, you are likely to benefit from the environment. Along with your own hard work, desire and focus those around you play a key role in your ability to take your goals as far as they need to go (and further still). This week, Leah and I got on the road again heading to San Diego for the ASU GSV Summit to be among the greatest minds in Education technology. With over 3500 delegates, there are a number of key connections to make and when the right meetings happen they can be the quickest way to leap you forward. Eyeread's focus while at the conference is to identify some of the best teachers to work with us over the summer as we complete our product for launch and to leard from outstanding educators and administrators about how we can work together to make their lives great in the classroom. If you are or know of any teachers or educators who would like to get in touch click on the following link to {{cta('77e65e00-c8a9-46f2-87bf-8a4ff7bbabbf')}}. ...as I am writing this I am sitting beside the COO of Minecraft Vu Bui (@vubui) and the CEO of Flip Board (@Flipboard) Mike McCue who in a serendipidous moment have met and realized the potential to work together they each had been considering and now could start executing...a witness to the start of something great! Success breeds success. Last night we had the pleasure of hearing from keynote Dr. Condoleezza Rice and the conference will wrap up with Bill Gates later this week. We will post our presentation next week but for now if you are not able to attend but want to watch some of the great sessions, you can access the live video stream here:http://asugsvsummit.com People not attending the ASU GSV Summit can also join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #asugsvsummit and follow along via: Livestream: asugsvsummitlive.com/ Twitter: @asugsvsummit Facebook: ASU GSV Summit Instagram: @asugsvsummit Snapchat: asugsvsummit LinkedIn: ASU GSV Summit

Being naughty is always fun!

Canada's Innovation 150 history and today

Five of Canada's leading science outreach organizations have partnered to bring Innovation150 to life. Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Actua, the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, the Canada Science & Technology Museums Corporation, and the Canadian Association of Science Centres, along with its members, are bringing Innovation150 exhibits and programming to locations across the country. The program starts in Waterloo Region in October 2016 and then travels coast to coast to coast throughout 2017. The Honourable Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly unveiled the initiative in Halifax, N.S., where she announced $5,875,000 in funding for Innovation150 programming from the Government of Canada, through the Canada 150 Fund. Innovation150 is one of several Signature Initiatives planned to celebrate the country’s past, present, and future nationwide in 2017. The platform is working to catalogue the many incredible creations that Canadians have come up with and Eyeread is among them! You can check out our profile here:

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